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Vector Graphics Analysis
Our Technology Lineup

World leading technology in Vector graphics recognition, from Preflight check to plate inspection

We are already known for our achievements with vector graphic recognition technology. These achievements can be summarized in three categories.

1. Preflight check

Locates any errors in various types of printing data according to the set thresholds. When doing this, in addition to vector data, linked raster images are also checked to see if they OK, enabling a highly accurate and detailed check of the data.

2. Comparative inspection technology tec02 img01

The original data submitted for printing and the final art work, which has been through various processes, are compared to ensure they are the same. This automatic detection of errors is the best way as it eliminates the mistakes that are inevitable if the work is done visually.

3. Outlined text recognition technology

As the text has already been outlined in most original data submitted for printing, it is difficult to know:

・What font was used,

・What character encoding was used, or

・To what extent the characters have been made narrow or wide.

Outlined text recognition technology allows you to do all this instantaneously. In addition to recognizing the text, you can also use the set thresholds to automatically correct the spaces between characters and their thickness, and even parts of the characters.

This function uses an extremely high level of vector graphic comparing technology.