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(For Mac OS users)
Our plugins are not compatible with the latest version Catalina(10.15) for now.

(for all users)
Our plugins are not compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC2020 for now.

Listed data below is the current Plug-In products of BABY UNIVERSE.
Please download the latest version of the products and keep your plug-in up to date.
>>For compatibility with Illustrator CC and other versions, please see this page.

Latest Data (For CS6 – CC2019)

You can try every plugin 30 times for free, with full functions.

[CAD Plug-ins]

Product for Mac OS for Windows
BPT-Pro4 Download Ver.4.513 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/3.6MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.4.513 dl
CAD-COMPO4 Download Ver.4.04cc dl
(Mac OS/DMG/6.1MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.4.04cc dl
EXDXF-Pro4 Download Ver. 4.546 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/3.0MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.4.546 dl

[iPM Plug-ins]

Product for Mac OS for Windows
AIPLOT-Pro Download Ver.4.60 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/2.7MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.4.58 dl
DB Palette Download Ver.2.040 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/4.6MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.2.040 dl
Grading Tools Download Ver. 1.179 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/8.5MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.1.179 dl
Seam Allowance Tools Download Ver. 3.236 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/5.5MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.3.236 dl
Segment Tools Download Ver.4.015 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/5.2MB/2018.11.16)
Download Ver.4.015 dl


Previous Versions / Other Products

<NOTE> The following versions are no longer available for order.

Product for Mac OS for Windows
BPT-Pro4 Download Ver.4.512 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/4.2MB/2016.11.22)
Download Ver.4.512 dl

(Mac OS/ZIP/2MB/2010.11.19) Download Ver.3.012 dl

Old Version
Download Ver.2.230 dl
(Mac OS/SIT/3.8MB/2008.4.21)
Download Ver.2.230 dl
CAD-COMPO4 Download Ver.4.02 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/8.5MB/2017.3.3)
Download Ver.4.02 dl

Old Version
Download Ver.3.010 dl
(Mac OS/ZIP/4.4MB/2010.11.19)
Download Ver.3.010 dl
DBPalette Download Ver.1.034 dl
(Mac OS/Sit/3.2MB/2009.04.07)
Download Ver.1.034 dl
DDCSV Download Ver.1.053 dl
(Mac OS/Sit/2.1MB/2009.09.30)
Download Ver.1.053 dl
EXDXF-Pro4 Download Ver. 4.510 dl
(Mac OS/DMG/3.7MB/2017.3.3)
Download Ver.4.510 dl

Old Version
Download Ver. 3.011 dl
(Mac OS/ZIP/2.5MB/2010.11.19)
Download Ver.3.011 dl

Old Version
Download Ver.2.502 dl
(Mac OS/SIT/1.2MB/2008.9.27)
Download Ver.2.502 dl

Please don’t use and reproduce or copy the software products for any case including commercial purposes without permission of the copyright holder.
It could take a long time to download our products depending on the traffic accessing the FTP server or data transmission method used. Please bear with us.