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What are Adobe Illustratror Plugins?

Plugin IconAdobe Illustrator is a great software for vector drawing. I guess everyone reading this would agree with that.

But there are things AI is not able to do, or not good at. It takes much labour to do something on AI that is not its specialty. But, in other words, Illustrator can be a super tool for you if some functions are complemented or strengthened. That’s what plugins are. Plugins add tools, assistances or functions to AI which upgrade and speed up your work.

For example Adobe Illustrator is not made for technical design. It doesn’t have dimensioning tools or labelling tools. You can do those on AI manually, but it would take hours to measure every segment and label them. Yet learning CAD is another labour which requires much time and money. (There is also a way to use a script that executes a command, but it tends to process slowly.)
On the other hand, plugins are usually not as costly as CAD and it’s easy to use. Also you can install tools just exactly you want. Above all, you can use AI’s great drawing function and the added useful tools at once. Illustrator will become a perfect software for you.

So, if you have any obstacle in your work with Illustrator, look for a plugin. Someone might have developed a solution.

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