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iPM Illustrator Pattern Making System

iPM – The only software that allows for apparel pattern drafting in Illustrator

iPM is an abbreviation of “Illustrator Pattern Making System”. It is a plug-in software for the creation of patterns in Illustrator.

Illustrator is a graphic design software that is used by creators all over the world, and its pen tool is very similar to a guide, allowing you to create curved lines more freely than in apparel CAD.
Unlike CAD, where you are limited to just patterns, Illustrator allows you to manage the overall design, such as adding logos and creating a printable template.

iPM is a series of plug-ins that adds necessary functions for pattern drafting and enables fast & accurate work in Illustrator.

Benefits of iPM

A pattern piece made with iPM– Feels natural to use, just like hand drawing
– Easy to learn
– Can be used for many purposes including design and logo creation etc.
– Lower costs compared to CAD systems

What you can do with iPM

iPM ToolsThere are 5 kinds of useful tools for pattern drafting in iPM English version.

Segment Tools : Making notches and adjusting curves
Seam Allowance Tools : Making seam allowance
Grading Tools : Grading
DB Palette : Object database
AIPLOT-Pro : Plotting out

System Requirements

Mac or Windows OS that Illustrator CS6 – CC2019 works normally.

*We guarantee normal work of the software only when used with OS or Illustrator version supported by Adobe.

How to try / buy iPM?

Download iPM Plug-ins (30 time trial is free) : 

iPM Online Store :

Jump to IA Technical Website– Distributor in the UK

IA Technical:
(iPM training courses are also provided. Please contact IA Technical for further information.)

Why iPM?

Adobe Illustrator changes the game for pattern making

iPM is a class leading digital pattern making system for the 21st century. The addition of plug-in software that fully supports pattern creation turns Adobe Illustrator into a new apparel solution that transcends CAD. Already many companies are working with this system.
The keywords of the industry today are high speed and low cost. Through combining the latest general purpose digital technology and our extensive knowledge of pattern work, we have been able to create this amazing system.
The release of iPM has changed the way that many in the industry think about pattern creation. CAD for apparel is no longer required. iPM is the apparel industry’s new choice for the future.

The super graphic tool approved by the world

Adobe Illustrator is the super graphic tool approved by the world. For Adobe Illustrator, a software that creates 2D graphics such as posters and catalogues, the two dimensional drawing required for pattern drafting is an easy task.
This wonderful tool is already available and is used by many designers all over the world. There is no way for it not to be used in pattern making today. The “i” in iPM refers to Adobe Illustrator. This is because iPM is a system that uses Illustrator for pattern making. In other words, it just means changing from a pencil and ruler for creating patterns, to using a new tool – Adobe Illustrator.

Are you satisfied with current apparel CAD?

A tool is no more than a tool. Good clothing, and good patterns, are made with the experiences and sensibility of a skilled pattern designer. A tool cannot make a good pattern. This is why we believe that a tool should be as affordable as a pencil, while also being more functional than the pattern designer’s hand.
iPM, when compared to apparel CAD, is so affordable that you might think it is just a toy. It is offered at a price so reasonable that even students or housewives can afford it. You may not believe that a tool so affordable can be so effective. However the reality is stranger than fiction. Say goodbye to CAD and say hello to the future of pattern design with iPM.

Easy to use, even for beginners

Those who are inexperienced at using computers and Adobe Illustrator must be concerned about whether or not they will be able to master operating the software. But, why do you think it is that Adobe Illustrator, translated into 30 different languages, has become known as the global standard for graphic software? The reason is that everyone from children to scholars use Illustrator is simply because it is so straightforward and easy to use.
In just a few hours of practice, anyone can learn how to use it with ease. In reality, most Illustrator users learned how to use the software themselves. Once you are familiar with how to use Adobe Illustrator, you simply need to use the same pattern drafting skills as before to freely make creative patterns.

Works with Windows and Mac, Design your own system

iPM works with the latest Windows and Macintosh systems. The system can be used by everyone from individual freelance pattern designers to global mass production apparel companies.
iPM’s hardware and software can be customized completely. You can choose to make changes to suit your style and work environment. In other words, it is possible to have the smallest possible system. If you are a pattern designer, you can easily make the switch to become a digital pattern designer with iPM.