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Listed data below is the current Plug-In products of BABY UNIVERSE.
Please download the latest version of the products and keep your plug-in up to date.

The products can be used as a tryout version within the trial time even if you have not purchased the products. <

For compatibility with Illustrator CC and other versions, please see this page.

Product for Mac OS for Windows
Total 8 Plug-in softwares
Segment Tools Download Ver.3.007
(Mac OS/ZIP/2.6MB/2012.04.02)
Download Ver.3.007
Compatible with CS6
Download Ver. 4.505
(Mac OS/ZIP/2.3MB/2013.8.5)
Download Ver.4.505
Old Version
Download Ver. 3.011
(Mac OS/ZIP/2.5MB/2010.11.19)
Download Ver.3.011
Old Version
Download Ver.2.502
(Mac OS/SIT/1.2MB/2008.9.27)
Download Ver.2.502
Compatible with CS6
Download Ver.4.511
(Mac OS/ZIP/2.8MB/2013.8.5)
Download Ver.4.511
Old Version
Download Ver.3.009
(Mac OS/ZIP/2MB/2010.11.19)
Download Ver.3.012
Old Version
Download Ver.2.230
(Mac OS/SIT/3.8MB/2008.4.21)
Download Ver.2.230
Compatible with CS6
Download Ver.4
(Mac OS/ZIP/5.1MB/2013.8.5)
Download Ver.4
Old Version
Download Ver.3.010
(Mac OS/ZIP/4.4MB/2010.11.19)
Download Ver.3.010
DDCSV Download Ver.1.053
(Mac OS/Sit/2.1MB/2009.09.30)
Download Ver.1.053
DB Palette Download Ver.1.034
(Mac OS/Zip/3.2MB/2009.04.07)
Download Ver.1.032


Please don't use and reproduce or copy the software products for any case including commercial purposes without permission of the copyright holder.
It could take a long time to download our products depending on the traffic accessing the FTP server or data transmission method used. Please bear with us.

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