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How to Install and uninstall plug-ins.

Please open the installer.
For Macintosh please open the [ installer ] which is in downloaded folder.
For Windows please select the folder which version of the Illustrator you will install the plug-ins, and open the [ Setup.exe ]
(* When you install the plug-ins, please quit the Adobe Illustrator. )


When [ installer ] or [ setup.exe ] start up, please select the version of the Adobe Illustrator which you are going to install plug-ins, and select [ install ].
You can change the version of the Illustrator by clicking [ folder ] button.
If you want to uninstall the plug-ins, please select the uninstall in the pop up menu.
(* Depend on your environment, Installer may takes time to start up. )


If you can not install the plug-ins by the installer.
Please open the folder which corresponds to your Illustrator version, and drag and drop plug-in ( .aip ) file to your Illustrator’s plug-in folder.
Also, you need to copy the .ini file under the folder written below.
Macintosh : USR / Document / Adobe / Illustrator / Prefs /
Windows: My Documents / Adobe / Illustrator / Prefs /
MacOS9: Macintosh HD/ Application / Adobe Illustrator (.ver) / Pref /


When you finished install the plug-ins, please start up the Illustrator.
During Illustrator starting up, Plug-in personalize window will appear.
Please input your ID [ product key ] in the personalize window, and click [ OK ] button.

If your are using plug-in as a demo version, Please click the [ Try ] button.
Demo version has a limit for number of uses.

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