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EXDXF-Pro4 (for CS6/CC) was updated to ver. 4.530

Dear EXDXF-Pro4 and CAD-COMPO4 users,

EXDXF-Pro4Thank you for using our software.
EXDXF-Pro4(for CS6/CC) was updated to version 4.530. This update includes a bug fix related to export and improvement of the software’s accuracy. Please download the latest data from the following and reinstall the plugin.

EXDXF-Pro4 for Mac (ver4.530, 2.9MB)

EXDXF-Pro4 for Windows (ver4.530, 3.2MB)

Mac / Windows:
1. Fixed a problem exporting DXF with many shapes and styles applied.
2. Improved accuracy of size and location when exporting/importing DXF.

Thank you.